Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Little Corner of the World

Welcome to my design studio! I hope you enjoy your tour but be careful, it's tight in here!

This room was a disaster! This is the room where I just threw everything for lack of anywhere else to put it. As a result, I was designing and creating my jewelry upstairs in my living room/dining room area. Not a good look for a house! So, over the last couple of weeks I decided to clean that room and make it my own little (I stress little) corner of the world.

The bookcase used to be pushed together to make one giant shelf and since I share this room with my hubby I decided to separate them to divide the room a little more. Although, my stuff is also on his side so hopefully he won't notice!

For now, my desk looks nice and neat and clear but I know that will change in a matter of days! I seem to start one project and then leave that because I've thought of something else so I end up with 3 or 4 projects going at the same time!

You'll also notice that I have other things on the shelves that are not related to my jewelry business. That's what happens when you live in a small house that has absolutely no storage space! You end up putting things wherever they fit.

My husband's side ended up being under the window and you would think that I would need the light however, our house is extremely shaded so it doesn't get too much sunlight inside to matter.

My hubby is apprenticing to be an electrician with our hydro company and he has one more year left of school so this is where he does his studying. His desk also serves as the "fix-it" station. Whenever a toy breaks it gets put here so he knows he has to fix it.

The Added Touches
The artwork on the wall are paintings that my son did when he was two years old. They used to be over the couch in the playroom but I thought they looked better in here, especially the one against the red wall. I would like to frame them a little more professionally but I know that's going to cost a bit and I do have to replace at least one of them with a painting that my daughter has done.

I've also added our wedding photo as a reminder of how we both looked 8 long years ago! LOL!

On the top of one of the bookcases I have placed a jewelry tree and one of my necklace creations to make it look more like a jewelry design studio. I know one day soon I need to go through everything and purge, purge, purge! But that will have to wait!

Well, that's it for the tour... I told you it was small! I hope you enjoyed your time here and that you will come back to visit soon. Feel free to leave a comment with any ideas you may have for my little corner of the world!

Until next time... have a dazzling day! 
Elisa ~ dD

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